Grupo de Mujeres is an amazing group that meets weekly, shares tea, and explores the every day life of women with strong foundations found in the Bible.

IBD Hombres is a great group for men not just a spot for a good cup of joe but good place to talk about the Word. (and power tools).

Grupos de Hogares brings families, young and old, single, married, golden years, or middle school graduate there is always a great topic and snacks!


Jovenes Adultos invites all college students 19-35 to a relaxed ambiance of fellowship where you can learn a little every day about the power of the Word, along with the occasional barbecue!

Teens. Besides the abundance of soda, chips, and cookies. A cool practical lesson on how to deal with life is given from a cheesy youth leader. :D(*that’s me)

Sugar Rush! Diaper Change? Stop climbing on the walls! Sound familiar well we love our kids and so our lovely teachers and assistants. Kids will have a hearty snack and a great lesson about the many colorful stories in the Bible!